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H07rn-f cable 2.5mm 2 core manufacturer and h07rn-f cable prices

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H07rn-f cable 2.5mm 2 core manufacturer and h07rn-f cable prices
H07rn-f cable is suitable for heavy equipment such as engines, large tools, motors, agricultural machinery, wind power generation or construction equipment, etc. Can withstand great stress. Used in dry or humid indoor, but also in the open or wet industrial environment or do fan torsion cable use. The cable can also be installed over stucco, in temporary buildings and in residential camps. Used for protection and fixed installation in pipes and equipment, also used for connecting cables such as motors.
► What is H07rn-f cable 2.5mm 2 core?
H – means conformity to harmonized standards
07 – identifies the voltage rating as 450/750V
R – Refers to the EPR insulation
N – Relates to the PCP outer sheath
F – Indicates flexible copper conductors within
2G2.5 – 2 cores 2.5 mm2 Green/Yellow, Brown, Black, Grey colors insulation cores
h07rn-f 2.5mm means the nominal cross sectional area of conductor is in 2.5 sq.mm.
h07rn-f 2.5mm 5 core there is without green/yellow color core identification.
► H07rn-f cable 2.5mm 2 core manufacturer
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► h07rn-f cable prices
h07rn-f cable prices
The cable price is for reference, it's based on copper (LME) price changing.



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