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What does h07rn F mean? h07rn-f cable rating & ampacity

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h07rn F
H07rn-f is a HAR (Harmonized European) standard rubber insulated and sheathed cable, used as power cable for equipment in industry work such as boilers, heating plates, hand lamps, transportable motor etc. Let VGCABLE introduce What does h07rn F mean? h07rn-f cable rating & ampacity

1.What does h07rn F mean?

H – means conformity to harmonized standards
07 – identifies the voltage rating as 450/750V
R – Refers to the EPR insulation
N – Relates to the PCP outer sheath
F – Indicates flexible copper conductors within
The same type in IEC standards is 60245 IEC 66 (YCW).

2.h07rn-f cable rating

The current-carrying capacity in amperes
Ambient temperature: 30℃
Conductor operating temperature: 60℃
h07rn-f cable rating

3.h07rn-f ampacity

Correction factor for ambient air temperatures other than 30℃ to be applied to the current-carrying capacities for cables in the air
h07rn-f ampacity



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