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Is h07rn-f shielded? h07rn-f color code & h07rn-f equivalent

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Is h07rn-f shielded? h07rn-f color code & h07rn-f equivalent
h07rn-f is not shielded, h07rn-f colors of cores to HD 308 S2. Let VGCABLE introduce Is h07rn-f shielded? h07rn-f color code & h07rn-f equivalent.

1.Is h07rn-f shielded?

Rubber Cable H07RN-F is designed to provide high flexibility and have the capacity to withstand weather,oils/greases,mechanical and thermal stresses.These cables are mostly used as power cable for equipment in industry work such as boilers,heating plates,hand lamps,transportable motor,etc.They can be installed at medium mechanical stress in dry,damp and wet areas as well as in open air and in agriculture plants.Rubber cables are suitable for direct laying on components and mechanical parts of machines,lifts and cranes.
Rating voltage: 450V/750V
Minumun Bending Radius: Fixed:4D Flexible:7.5D
Standards: IEC 60245 , GB/T 5013
Maximum Rated conductor temperature: -30° to +60°
Fire Property: Flame retardant to IEC 60332
Cable Type: Rubber power and control cable
Shielding: Not Shielded
Protective Conductor: Yes
Cable Jacket: Rubber compound, type EM2

2.h07rn-f color code

h07rn-f cores identification
Colors of cores to HD 308 S2
2 core: Blue, Brown
3 core: Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown
4 core: Green/Yellow, Brown, Black, Grey
5 core: Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey
6 core and above: Green/Yellow, Black with White numbers
Sheath color: Black
h07rn-f color code

3.h07rn-f equivalent

Product Range
h07rn-f equivalent



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