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What ho7rnf rubber insulated cable? ho7rnf cable price

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ho7rnf rubber insulated cable
ho7rnf rubber insulated cable is Copper conductor, EPR compound insulation, PCP compound sheath, Heavy duty rubber flexible cables.

1.ho7rnf rubber insulated cable

ho7rnf rubber insulated cable are intended for a variety of applications where appliances or equipment including heavy industrial equipment, require a flexible connection to the power supply. These cables have the capacity to withstand weather and oil, water proof, flame-retardant and medium mechanical stress. ho7rnf types are heavy duty cables for general purpose.

2.ho7rnf cable price

The price are based on copper (LME) price changing.
h07rn-f cable prices

3.ho7rnf cable

Conductor: Plain or tinned annealed copper wires, flexible conductor class 5 to EN 60228

Insulation: EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) compound, type EI 4 to EN 50363-1

Sheath: PCP (Polychloroprene) compound, type EM 2 to EN 50363-2-1

Rated voltage (U0/U): 450/750 V

Operating temperature: -30℃ to +60℃ (Max. +85℃)

Min. bending radius: 4 to 8 × overall diameter

Cores identification

2 core: Blue, Brown

3 core: Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown

4 core: Green/Yellow, Brown, Black, Grey

5 core: Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey

6 core and above: Green/Yellow, Black with White numbers

Sheath color: Black

4.ho7rnf cable manufacturer

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