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What h07rn-f 3g2.5 mean? h07rn-f 4g2.5 & h07rn-f 2.5mm 5 core

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h07rn-f 3g2.5
h07rn-f 3g2.5 is a size of H07RN-F cable in 3 cores of each core 2.5mm2

1.What h07rn-f 3g2.5 mean?

Conductor: Plain or tinned annealed copper wires, flexible conductor class 5 to EN 60228
Insulation: EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) compound, type EI 4 to EN 50363-1
Sheath: PCP (Polychloroprene) compound, type EM 2 to EN 50363-2-1
Rated voltage (U0/U): 450/750 V
Operating temperature: -30℃ to +60℃ (Max. +85℃)
Min. bending radius: 4 to 8 × overall diameter
Cores identification
2 core: Blue, Brown
3 core: Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown
4 core: Green/Yellow, Brown, Black, Grey
5 core: Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey
6 core and above: Green/Yellow, Black with White numbers
Sheath color: Black

2.h07rn-f datasheet

h07rn-f datasheet
h07rn-f datasheet
h07rn-f datasheet

3.h07rn-f cable manufacturer



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