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Mineral insulated cable Bending radius & Mineral insulated cable laying

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Mineral insulated cable Bending radius & Mineral insulated cable laying
Mineral insulated cables are harder than other cables in terms of flexibility because they have metal sheathing inside them

1. BTTZ bending radius

BTTZ bending radius

2. BTLY bending radius

Minimum allowable bending radius ≥12D

3. YTTW bending radius

YTTW bending radius

4. BBTRZ bending radius

12D< allowable minimum bending radius <15D

5. Mineral insulated cable laying technology

a. When multiple mineral insulated cables with different outer diameters have the same direction, in order to achieve the purpose of neatness and aesthetics, the bending radius of the cable shall be adjusted according to the cable with the largest outer diameter and meet the requirements of the corresponding minimum bending radius.
b. Cable fixed spacing data
Fixed cable spacing
6. mineral insulated cable, in the following situations may cause cable vibration due to environmental conditions and contraction, consideration should be given to cable laying into S bending or Ω type, its radius should not less than 6 times of cable diameter.
a. in the temperature of large occasions, such as the northern region outdoor laying.
b. the wiring of vibration source equipment, such as the motor into the line or the engine out of the line.
c. between the settlement and contraction of the building.

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