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How to choose mineral insulated cable for fire distribution?

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How to choose mineral insulated cable for fire distribution?
How to choose mineral insulated cable for fire distribution?
The fire protection design code of buildings stipulates that the fire protection system shall adopt mineral insulated non-combustible cable.
1. Provisions on the use of cables for fire control system: the fire control distribution line shall meet the needs of continuous power supply in the case of fire. At the same time, there are requirements on the cables in the installation of bright application, dark application and cable trench.
2. mineral insulated cables is a lot of more phyletic, mainly according to the cable structure is divided into four kinds, BTTZ and mineral cable YTTW, BTLY and BBTRZ flexible mineral insulated cable, metal tube protector is before 3 cable, no metal tube protector BBTRZ cable is made of super soft shock resistance is weak, four kinds of fireproof performance, under the condition of burning more than 950 ° C to maintain normal electricity for three hours.
3.Because a lot of high-rise building fire control system of 3, building contour of fire protection system equipment, need to adopt branch cable, all types of mineral insulated cable can do branch cable, branch cable and head for fire and explosion prevention function, can satisfy the required conditions, laying but according to the electrical design institute on selection and communication cable manufacturer to choose the best scheme.
4. The fire cable can only pass acceptance if it meets the requirements of the fire code, and the cable manufacturer will provide the third-party test report, which includes the national wire and cable center and the national building fire prevention center.



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