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What mineral cable is bttyz? difference BTTZ and BTTYZ & BTTYZ cable types

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Bttyz is a rigid mineral insulated cable, which is made of seamless copper tube sheath wrapped with magnesium oxide powder and drawn by rolling mill.

1.what kind of mineral cable does bttyz belong to?

Bttyz is a hard mineral insulated cable, which is one of the BTTZ mineral cables. It is named after the use of y-polyethylene material in the outer sheath. V is PVC material, as shown in the following structure diagram:
Structure drawing of mineral cable BTTYZ cable
Among them, there are two materials, V polyvinyl chloride and Y polyethylene, available for the outer sheath of D anti-corrosion protection.

2.Bttyz cable model

Mineral cable BTTYZ cable model naming rules

3.Difference bttyz and BTTZ cable

BTTZ cable includes bttyz cable and BTTVZ cable, namely the relation between parent and subclass. Generally, BTTZ cable is not equipped with outer sheath, which can be directly laid or buried. However, if the laying environment, such as acidic soil, needs to be equipped with anti-corrosion coat, the outer sheath should be selected to protect. In addition, the terminal connector and intermediate connector of bttyz cable are the same as those of BTTZ cable, and the installation and laying are the same. So the difference between bttyz and BTTZ cable is one more layer of outer sheath.

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