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How to calculate the BTTZ cable quantity? BTTZ datasheet & notes for use

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bttz cable
The calculation of BTTZ cable quantity is the same as the measurement of ordinary cable length.
1.BTTZ cable adopts seamless copper tube drawing process, so its length is limited, generally two or three hundred meters a. The other is seamless welding process cable meters unlimited, each has its own advantages.
2.BTTZ cable calculation amount is mainly used in the main road, so the measurement is relatively simple and convenient, but in view of the floor fire system electricity, BTTZ cable can also do pre-branch cable, in advance in the cable factory branch, so that pull to the site can be used directly. BTTZ pre-branch multi-core cable will be done in advance color separation, covered with different colors of heat shrink sleeve, the cable to the site before construction had better use the table to measure the two ends of the branch.
3.BTTZ cable section selection table: 25 square above are single core
How to calculate the BTTZ cable quantity? BTTZ datasheet & notes for use
How to calculate the BTTZ cable quantity? BTTZ datasheet & notes for use
4.Notes for BTTZ cable use:
1) in the design and application, compared with ordinary plastic cables, mineral insulated cables have simpler wiring methods, smaller occupancy space and more diverse laying methods, only with different types.
2) when the cable is applied in the space of the building and the place with beautiful requirements, it should be designed naked. Different colors of plastic or halogen-free and low-smoke materials can be selected for the coat according to the requirements of the occasion.
3) under the circumstance of ammonia and ammonia gas or other corrosive effects on copper, the cable should be designed with anti-corrosion outer sheath.
4) with the cable of anti-corrosion coat can with other types of plastic cable in the same common bridge, cable, cable tunnel or people who reach places, but the bare cable, should separate otherwise it will affect other plastic and other organic cable, relevant models of mineral insulated cable laying reference wintek electric BTTZ mineral insulated cable laying construction standards.
5) the cable does not need to wear metal tube, single core cable is not allowed to wear the tube alone, special occasions must wear the line of metal tube, single core cable must be assembled after each group of loop tight, and should be designed with plastic jacket cable.
6) due to the large current carrying capacity of the cable, it is suggested to improve the design selection of one section grade, and two sections grade can be improved for 35mm squared and above.
7) as the copper sheath of the cable can be used as a ground wire, it is recommended to use four-core mineral insulated cable for three-phase five-wire system.
8) when considering that the whole line needs to reduce the use of intermediate connection, the multi-core cable with the section of 25mm squared and below can be designed as single-core cable (the number of root is equal to the number of cores of multi-core cable), or the single-core cable with large specifications can be designed as single-core cable with small specifications for double or multi-core connection, so that the length of the cable can be doubled.
9) when the route of a certain line is long, and there is a part of the whole line that requires mineral insulated cable and a part of ordinary plastic cable, it can be converted through the transfer box.

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