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Double insulated rubber cable and old rubber cable

Double insulated rubber cable

1.Double insulated rubber cable

Heavy duty double insulated rubber cable is a type of H07BN4-F refer to HAR standard, which has the capacity to withstand weather, oil, UV resistant and flame retardant. Designed to provide high flexibility use in hard industrial environments and resistance to mechanical abrasion is essential, such as heavy-duty connecting of equipment between pumps and generators, and for temporary power generation.

Conductor: Plain or tinned annealed copper, IEC 60228 / GB/T 3956 Class

Insulation: Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) compound

Sheath: Heat and oil resistant, flame retardant Polychloroprene (PCP) compound

2.Old rubber cable

Old rubber cable is recommended to be replaced as a matter of high priority especially showing exposed copper wires. There will be both an electrocution and fire hazard when the old rubber insulation and sheath material get brittle with age and crumbles off for long term operation service.
Old rubber cable