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What is flexible power cable? flexible cable size & flexible cable specification

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What is flexible power cable? flexible cable size & flexible cable specification
Flexible power cable are rubber flexible cable and h07rn-f flexible cable, Let VGCABLE introduce What is flexible power cable? flexible cable size & flexible cable specification.

1.flexible power cable

flexible power cable includes Power Cables with Flexible Bending Radius and Flexible Power Cable is a high quality, versatile cable product. Here we discuss Millions of flexible bending cable.
Rubber flexible cables are designed to provide high flexibility and have the capacity to withstand weather, oil, UV resistant, flame retardant, water resistant, medium mechanical and thermal stresses of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V.
flexible cable types:
HAR: H05RR-F, H05RN-F, H07RN-F, H01N2-D, H01N2-E
IEC: 60245 IEC 53 (YZ), 60245 IEC 57 (YZW), 60245 IEC 66 (YCW), 60245 IEC 81 (YH), 60245 IEC 82 (YHF)

2.flexible cable size

Temperature limits:
-25 to +90°C.
*Bending radius:
Fixed - 5 x overall diameter.
Flexing - 7 x overall diameter.
Core identification:
2 core - Blue, Brown.
3 core - Blue, Brown,Green/Yellow.
4 core - Grey, Black, Brown,Green/Yellow.
5 core - Grey, Black, Brown,Blue, Green/Yellow.
6 core and above - Black with White numbers plus Green/Yellow.
Should not be installed at temperatures below -25°C.

3.flexible cable specification

The rubber sheathed flexible cables are mostly used as power cable for equipment in industry work such as boilers, heating plates, hand lamps, transportable motor etc.
They can be installed at medium mechanical stress in dry, damp and wet areas as well as in open air and in agriculture plants.
These cables are also suitable for fixed installation on plaster, in temporary buildings and residential barracks. They are suitable for direct laying on components and mechanical parts of machines like lifts and cranes.
Rated voltage U0/U: 450/750V, 300/500V and 200/200V.
Max. operating temperature of conductor 60°C.
Min. working temperature -20°C.
contaminated by mineral oil and fuel oil.
Rated voltage: 450/750V.
Working temperature less than 65°C.
Allowable bending radius of cable:
Up to 25mm2: 6 * overall diameter;
Above 25mm2: 8 * overall diameter.



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