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Absolutely practical: BIC EZ Reach Lighter

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Absolutely practical: BIC EZ Reach Lighter
If you're a candle lover, then the BIC EZ Reach Candle Lighter is the perfect device for you! Made by the trusted brand BIC, this candle lighter is designed to make lighting candles an effortless and straightforward experience.

The BIC EZ Reach Candle Lighter has an extended wand, with a length of 8.5 inches. The extended reach allows you to light candles even in deep jars, without risking burning your hand or fingers. Additionally, the lighter's curved wand design ensures that you can reach the wick and light it easily and quickly.

The BIC EZ Reach Candle Lighter is butane-powered and has a child-resistant mechanism to keep your little ones safe. There is a fuel-level indicator, so you don't have to guess when it's time to refill. The lighter's ergonomic handle design is comfortable, allowing you to use it for longer periods without any discomfort.

Moreover, the BIC EZ Reach Candle Lighter isn't just for candles alone. It is also perfect for lighting gas stoves, fireplaces, and even barbecue grills. The lighter's versatile features make it an essential tool in your home.

In summary, if you want a dependable and durable solution for lighting your candles without danger, then the BIC EZ Reach Candle Lighter is a must-have gadget.

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User reviews:
1. "The lighter is very reliable with a wider flame. I've had great experience using it every time to light candles and tobacco -- it's a highly recommended purchase that is practical and effective."

2. "BIC's lighter is one of the best lighters I've ever used. It's designed very intuitively with a long wand and doesn't bend easily. The child-resistant switch is highly effective and it's easy to refill the fuel. Overall, it's a very worthwhile purchase."

3. "This is a very strong and durable lighter, seems to be made of material that can withstand some rough handling.    The length allows me to easily light things like candles away from the stove. I strongly recommend this lighter!"

4. "This is a fantastic lighter! I use it to light my natural gas fireplace and have no complaints. I feel more confident leaving it in my drawer since it's child-resistant. Highly recommended."