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Best 6 Rare Bic Lighters

05-14 129 My Store

Rare Bic lighters have become increasingly popular among collectors and enthusiasts. Bic lighters were first introduced in 1973 and quickly became a household staple due to their affordability and reliability.  Since then, Bic has released numerous designs, including limited edition and special edition lighters.

1. BIC Pocket Lighter

BIC Pocket Lighter
Price: $17.89
The customers were satisfied with the product and found it to be a great gift with high-quality images of Bob Marley.  Many customers even planned on purchasing more for collection purposes and appreciated the tribute to Bob Marley's legacy.  

2. BIC EZ Reach Candle Lighter

The Snoop Dogg Martha Stewart Lighter
Price: $15.99
I love these Snoop Dogg lighters for lighting various items, such as candies and gas fireplaces, and also as conversation starters and a way to show off their love for Snoop. The lighters are worth the money and are a must-have for fans of the rapper.  The lighters work well and are a great addition to their Snoop collections.

3. BIC Multi-Purpose Classic and Flex Wand Candle Lighters

BIC Multi-Purpose Classic and Flex Wand Candle Lighters
Price: $15.49
The BIC lighters are reliable and easy to use, making them a great choice for outdoor activities like fire-side chats and lighting a propane gas BBQ.  They have a long-lasting lifespan and are well-built.  Although shipping may take a bit longer due to their nature as a handheld, disposable gas igniter, the product is still worth the wait.  Overall, a standard but effective product.

4. BIC Americana Series Lighters

BIC Americana Series Lighters
Price: $21
The customer loves the good quality of the lighters and the patriotic designs. They fit perfectly into their collection and particularly enjoy the one in the middle that they already had.

5. LIGHTERS Bic Playboy

LIGHTERS Bic Playboy
Price: $21.9
These playboy lighters are adorable!   They are Bic lighters, which is great, and my husband loves them.   The only minor issue is that one of them feels like it's not completely full, but that could just be me.   Overall, very happy with the purchase and now our lighters won't get mixed up with anyone else's.

6. Toker Poker - Bic Lighter 

Toker Poker - Bic Lighter
Price: $11.99
This stoner tool is a game changer!  I can't imagine smoking without it now.  I even shared it with friends and family who love it too.  It's a one stop shop for all your smoking needs.  I had to buy a new one because my previous one got stolen, but this one came exactly as pictured and works perfectly with my Bic lighter.  No more ash on my fingers, it's a great product overall.
Rare Bic lighters are a fascinating collectible item for enthusiasts and collectors alike.