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How to custom bic lighters with pictures?

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How does a flick lighter work?

A flick lighter, also known as a disposable lighter, works by using a flint and steel mechanism to create a spark. When the thumb wheel is rotated, a small spring-loaded hammer strikes a piece of flint to create a spark. The spark then ignites the fuel, typically butane, in the lighter's chamber, producing a flame. The flame can be adjusted by turning a small knob located near the base of the lighter. Flick lighters are designed to be used until the fuel runs out, at which point they are disposed of and replaced with a new one.

How to custom bic lighters with pictures

Custom BIC lighters with pictures can be made through various online retailers or by contacting BIC directly. Here are some steps to make custom BIC lighters with pictures:
Choose an online retailer that offers custom BIC lighters with picture printing services or contact BIC directly.
Upload your desired picture or design to the retailer's website or send it to BIC's custom lighter team.
Choose the color of the lighter and any other customization options available, such as text or graphics.
Place your order and wait for the lighters to be printed and shipped to you.
It is important to note that custom BIC lighters with pictures may have minimum order requirements and additional costs for customization options.