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Lighter shaped like a cigarette

Source:Love.lighters Time:2022-11-17 16:44:36Click:76

Cigarette shaped lighters fit inside cigarettes for easy carrying.
There are two types of cigarette shaped lighter: those that use gas and those that use kerosene.
lighter looks like cigarette
Because it's 100% similar to cigarettes, it's easy to get past safety checks. But please do not take it on the plane.
When you take out the lighter that looks like a cigarette, It will be the focus of the room.
lighter like cigarette
From the appearance, this cigarette lighter adopts the design of 1:1 with cigarettes, so it can be easily put into the cigarette box. When you need to use it at ordinary times, you can pull out the lighter from the cigarette box to light cigarettes. It is cool to think about it.
Moreover, for those who often forget things, it is also easy to put in the cigarette case. When you want to use a lighter, you no longer have to reach for your pockets or ask for someone to borrow it
cigarette style lighter
Cigarette lighter adopts the wheel ignition and pulley column replaceable design, in addition, the inflatable design is more environmental protection.



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